SALT LAKE CITY — A Senate committee gave a favorable recommendation Friday to a bill that would limit the use of carbon monoxide gas as a method of euthanasia at animal shelters.

HB57, sponsored by Rep. Angela Romero, D-Salt Lake City, calls for carbon monoxide gas to be used only when another method of euthanasia would cause unnecessary stress to the animal or endanger the person performing the procedure.

Romero said she received responses from 56 of the 63 animal shelters in Utah. She said 44 don't use carbon monoxide gas as a method for euthanasia. Of the 12 that do, they use the gas for feral, wild and aggressive animals.

The bill passed the House Wednesday and will now go to the Senate.

The Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee also supported HCR2, a resolution designating Friday, April 18, 2014, as Identify Your Pet Day in Utah.

The resolution is part of a Girl Scout project Jennifer Hines, 17, of Sandy, is working on for the Gold award. She said she wants to educate people on the importance of pet identification to help pets be returned home and reduce the euthanizing of unclaimed pets.

— Madeleine Brown