Christians need philosophy to further their religious understanding, according to Sherif Girgis at The Public Discourse.

Girgis wrote that when many ethical issues about religion come up, it’s important for believers to think about the concerns with reason because it will help them grab a better religious understanding.

“Is marriage a comprehensive union — in which man and woman become one much as the parts of a single body do (by coordination toward a bodily end of the whole)? In which the act that makes marital love is also the kind of act that makes new life? A bond that is therefore naturally fulfilled by procreation, family, and the wide sharing of home life? In which totality of union (body and mind, all domestic life) demands total commitment (permanent, exclusive)?" Girgis wrote. "Natural moral reasoning can help us answer these questions — can help us defend, develop, and apply to new cases, the tersely potent sayings of the prophets, Paul, and Christ."

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