Moms have midlife crises too

By Allyson Reynolds

For the Deseret News

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 2:00 p.m. MST

Allyson Reynolds with her husband and children.

Courtesy of Allyson Reynolds

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We’ve all heard of postpartum baby blues, but what about midlife mom blues?

I want to clarify right off the bat that I am actually in one of the best places of my life up to now. There are so many great things about getting older alongside my children that it almost goes without saying. I am much more comfortable with who I am. I care much less about comparing, competing and keeping up. I have figured out what makes me tick, what I truly love, and how to live in a way that brings me happiness and my own brand of success. As for the kids, they all sleep through the night, wipe their own noses and bums, feed and dress themselves, and get themselves in and out of the car. (How awesome is that?)

I’m just barely at the beginning of this new stage of motherhood with my youngest turning 6 and starting kindergarten last fall. After 17 years, all my kids will finally be in school full time next September. And while my youngest still hasn’t totally phased out of needing help with some of the things above, for the most part, I am free and clear of the physical demands of early motherhood that pretty much dominated my life for more than a decade. And I admit, it’s nice. Very, very nice.

My 40s always sounded great to me when I thought about my kids being older and how I would still have so many good years ahead of me. And in most ways, it is just as I had hoped. I can go to Target or a lunch date without a diaper bag or the companionship of a whiny toddler, I have built-in baby sitters, and again, I can sleep all. night. long. But there are some things about being a midlife mom that I never anticipated, and occasionally they get the best of me. "Like what?" you may ask. I’ll give you my top five.

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