Based on new 2012 data released by the United States Census Bureau, 12 percent of Americans don’t want the Internet in their home, according to The Washington Post. This is down from the 17.8 percent in 2003. The data also shows that 25.2 percent of Americans are without the Internet, which is down from the 45.3 percent of people who didn’t have it in 2003. And 7.3 percent don’t have the Internet because of the price, compared to 10.6 percent in 2003.

“Yes, there are reasons not to want the Internet at home,” The Washington Post reported. “If you have access in your house, you will inevitably waste several hours every year looking at photos of Snooki. ... These are reasons not only for keeping the Internet out of your house. These could be reasons for wanting the Internet to cease its existence entirely.”

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