Balancing act: Look close to home for examples of work-life balance

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 4 2014 8:00 a.m. MST

I'm going to think of her in the future when I'm faced with tasks that I don't really want to do and remember that fun activities are always more enjoyable when the day's work is done. And that getting work done quickly and efficiently almost always leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy life.

I've learned a different set of lessons from my second-oldest daughter. She's just 13, but she's wise beyond her years.

When it comes to befriending people, she has gifts that are truly unique. We first noticed this a few years ago when she was invited to almost all the birthday parties of her then elementary school classmates. More interesting was that most of those classmates described our daughter as their best friend.

Even now, as a teenager, she has a sweetness and grace that makes her popular in the best sense of that word. She truly cares for people, no matter who they are, and she makes them feel like they are important.

Living a balanced life means more than just building a career and spending time with family. It also means looking beyond oneself and serving others. My second daughter has an innate understanding of that truth, and I'll try to do a better job of following her example by seeking opportunities to help people however I can.

I'm grateful for the lessons these three and so many others teach me every day. How about you? What have you learned about living a balanced life from your family, friends and neighbors? How have you used those lessons?

Please share your ideas, and I'll mention some of them in a future column.

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