The new Ms. Marvel is tackling stereotypes, according to a columnist for The Boston Globe. Writer Prodita Sabarini said that when the new Ms. Marvel — “a Pakistani-American from Jersey City succeeding the original Ms. Marvel, a blonde, blue-eyed Bostonian introduced four decades ago” — hits comic stands on Wednesday, it’ll be a step forward in bringing down stereotypes.

“The new Ms. Marvel tackles both stereotypes of both oppressed Muslim women and terrorists,” she wrote. “Many Muslim women choose not to wear a hijab, and Kamala’s character is one of them. She carries her U.S. history book side by side with a book on prophet Mohammed’s sayings and another book on illustration and design. Her creators claim she was born ‘out of a desire to explore the Muslim-American diaspora from an authentic perspective.’ They would know because they, too, have had to navigate their way of being Muslim and American.”

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