Letter: Protect horses from cruelty

Published: Saturday, Jan. 25 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

It is my understanding that residents of the Box Elder area are not only condoning, but promoting the cruel and inhumane practice of roping baby horses for sport and entertainment. The organizer of these events is Shawn Judkins, and he has more planned for the near future. In addition, these young horses were transported via double-decker trailers, which were federally banned for horse transport.

I recently read a news article, including the many comments from very angry and disturbed citizens. The article contained a video of the most recent event, clearly showing the young horses being roped, jerked by the neck, and being brutally slammed to the ground, over and over again. Some were dragged from the arena and most had injuries, some severe. The horse community is outraged, and so are animal welfare advocates.

Fourteen states have permanently banned "horse tripping" events because they are cruel, inhumane, and barbaric. I urge Utahns to encourage their state legislators to ensure that Utah follows suit and bans any and all events where animals are abused, whether publicly or privately.

Robynne Catheron

Oxford, NY

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