NAUVOO, Ill. — The annual Nauvoo Exodus Commemoration marking when members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Nauvoo, Ill., started heading west will be Feb. 8 in Old Nauvoo.

Events will include an 8 a.m. continental breakfast at the Family Living Center (behind the historic Cultural Hall on Main Street), a 9 a.m. walk along the pioneer route from Main to Parley Street then to the river and a flag ceremony at the monument on the river end of Parley Street. Site guides will act as the Nauvoo Legion to perform the flag ceremony and will also represent Brigham and Mary Ann Young.

The event commemorates the Feb. 4, 1846, beginning of Mormons leaving for the West. Some of those who left in February crossed on the ice, but relatively few. When the exodus began, the river was still open, but it was very cold. The exodus continued through September 1846, when what was called the “poor camp” departed from Nauvoo.

People who had families in the 1846 Nauvoo exodus are encouraged to research them at the Land and Records Office (corner of Parley and Partridge) and then represent them on the walk.

Everyone is invited to participate in the activities.

For more information, contact the Historic Nauvoo Visitors’ Center at 217-453-2237.