The uprising of social media use isn’t something that should be criticized heavily, according to New York Times columnist Roger Cohen.

In a world where there is so much unknown in regards to how people communicate, Cohen wrote that the current generation is struggling in much of the same way the baby boomers and other critics of the New Age did in the past.

“You have to duck under the table or at least bite your lip as yet another jeremiad about the depredations of social media unfurls,” wrote Cohen. “How the screen has taken over. How flirting is not what it used to be. How genuine experience is being lost. It is as if baby boomers had all fallen prey to some collective amnesia about the fact that our parents, equally, understood nothing about how we communicated, how we interacted, how we dated and how we mated.

“They had no idea,” he said. “We have no idea, either.”

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