I'll bet Mr. Hoagland is from out of state as well as out to lunch. Instead of offering solutions to the skyrocketing costs of traditional health care, he and his ilk focus on wrecking good proposals to fix our national malaise. I hope in the future the Deseret News will offer op-ed space to thinking Utahns who want to see change in our society — changes that bless children, empower the poor and increase health and happiness that the ACA promises.

It isn’t easy to fix the huge chunk (20 percent) of our economy that has wreaked havoc with millions of Americans who lack medical attention, especially those who lost their homes and were forced into bankruptcy because of outrageous medical costs. But every major innovation requires trial and error. If we only sought perfect solutions, we'd still be sitting in caves and would die before age 30.

I don't want Ken Hoagland or his extremists to make us all bury our heads in the sand just because they have taken such a stance. Let's move the world forward with new visions and a commitment to building a better society for America's future. Fear and rumor-mongering never deliver anything good.

Warner Woodworth