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Forget income inequality — 'marriage inequality' is the real issue

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 14 2014 4:00 a.m. MST

Phil Lawler at summarized Charles Murray's look at the morality behind marriage: " The wealthy and well educated still abide by the rules of the old moral order, even if they scoff at the ideas behind those rules, because they recognize that these rules define the path to success. The poor and ignorant, having no experience of success, disdain the old rules — often with the encouragement of elite leaders in the fields of education, information and entertainment. And they suffer for it."

Thompson at the Atlantic says the problem with single parents is obvious: "This is the marriage crisis behind our inequality crisis. It is not complicated. It requires no regressions. It is the simplest math equation is the world. It says: Two is more than one."

For Fleischer at the Wall Street Journal, the solution is clear. It isn't to get the single mothers married after the fact, but to help the poor do things in the right order: School. Marriage. Children.

But that would require single mothers — and presidents — to buy into Fleischer's arguments.


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