Letter: Suing Target wasteful

Published: Monday, Jan. 13 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

On Jan. 7 I saw a KSL news report about some Utah attorneys suing the Target stores for their failure to prevent the stealing of credit and debit card information. I was saddened by what I heard.

Attorneys are attacking Target as a flock of vultures will attack a wounded animal. If those attorneys get a settlement of $10 million, the $10 million divided fairly between the reported 40 million wronged Target customers would give $.25 to each of those bank cardholders, not enough for even the postage on a compensation check to each individual. I am sure those lawyers will convince some other attorneys, attorneys who are now judges of the land, that they, the lawyers, deserve a large portion of any settlement for all their work in representing the people.

The result will be that thousands of Target employees will get less compensation. Millions of Americans will have to be charged more for Target merchandise. We will all be poorer. We will all feel dirtier. And our God, who does look on, will have to wipe away more of his tears.

Marvin Cazier

Jackson, ID

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