Letter: Net metering worries

Published: Sunday, Jan. 12 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

Jasen Lee's recent story on Rocky Mountain Power and solar net metering was very informative. The company should use the growing solar capacity and interest in net metering as encouragement to revisit and modify its management plans — and move more aggressively to a much higher renewable energy mix in its portfolio. Even the fossil fuel firms are now planning for a significant carbon tax or fee — Rocky Mountain Power needs to do likewise.

Rather than ask the Public Service Commission for a rate increase to continue business as usual and discourage solar grid ties, it needs to ask the Public Service Commission for rates that continue to encourage and develop residential and commercial solar installations.

Management needs to plan for a 21st century focus on renewable energy rather than continuing a business as usual plan mired in a 19th century fossil fuel mentality. If management cannot understand this new reality, perhaps Rocky Mountain's CEO should bring in some fresh talent.

Joseph Andrade

Salt Lake City

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