Letter: Hot and cold

Published: Thursday, Jan. 9 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

The “polar vortex” dominating the news poses an imminent threat to the lives of nearly half of all Americans.

What stands between the warmth, comfort and safety of a heated home and death for millions? Fossil fuels, period.

Cold is more dangerous and kills far more people than heat. In the frigid 2011-12 winter leading up to the London Olympic Games, health authorities in the British Isles estimate that 30,000 excess deaths occurred due to the cold weather and lack of heat, either because of unaffordable fuel prices at the time, or other access problems.

Each of us should thank an oil field worker, a refinery worker or a coal miner for the hard and often dangerous work they do. They bring us a plentiful and affordable supply of their products, which we depend on. And do not be deceived: Replacing the massive amount of fossil fuel energy consumed during times like these with alternative energy sources (wind, solar, etc.) is mathematically impossible.

So thanks to you energy workers for keeping us warm and safe through this winter.

David Boettger


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