Doug Robinson: Miley Cyrus got what she wanted, with our help

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 7 2014 7:58 a.m. MST

But they couldn’t have done it without us. We create our monsters. They act out, and we can’t look away. Every time we watch them — a click on the Internet, a peek at the TV — we give them what they want.

The badder, the better. The more bizarre, the better. Meanwhile, there’s little tolerance for the other end of the spectrum. Tim Tebow kneels in prayer on the football field and quotes scriptures, and he is vilified. Shaquille O’Neal wanted to dominate David Robinson “because I got tired of the goody-two-shoes image he was throwing out there."

Go figure: We are suspicious of goodness and fascinated by badness, not to mention more forgiving (please, see Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick, Charlie Sheen, etc.).

Where will it all end? Who knows. To gain attention, each generation has to top the previous generation to obtain shock value, because the culture becomes numb to it. It takes more and more to titillate. Madonna's shocking stage act would draw yawns today. Cyrus had to take the raunch up a notch, which means, as rotten as her act is, we haven't reached the bottom yet.

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