Book review: 'Written on Our Hearts' shares Old Testament stories with modern-day invitations

Published: Sunday, Jan. 5 2014 5:00 a.m. MST

Editor's note: The following is part of a series featuring select materials intended to supplement the study of church curriculum for 2014.

WRITTEN ON OUR HEARTS: Invitations from the Old Testament,” by Emily Freeman, Deseret Book, $19.99, 180 pages (nf)

Author Emily Freeman shares stories from the Old Testament along with modern-day adaptations and invitations in “Written on Our Hearts: Invitations from the Old Testament.”

Divided into eight sections, the book shares more than 60 stories along with insights that represent a deeper study of the Old Testament.

Some invitations come from phrases in scriptures that Freeman has researched and found application in her life, such as with the story of Joseph when his brothers come to Egypt seeking food during the famine. After visiting with Joseph, whom they didn’t recognize, and stopping at an inn, they emptied their sacks and found their money that Joseph had put there.

Freeman writes that she imagined these 10 brothers with sacks on their backs that included “treasure beyond their expectations.”

“I wondered what I might discover if I were to figuratively empty my sack to discover the treasure the Lord has given me,” Freeman writes.

Each of the entries, from “empty your sack” to “stand to it” from the book of Josiah, is only two to three pages long, and Freeman shares them in a conversational way that is easy to understand and potentially apply.

“Written on Our Hearts” is ideal for those who are familiar with the Old Testament but are looking for a simple way to apply and understand the lessons in the writings.

Freeman shares in the introduction that she loves the Old Testament as it helps her understand the Savior’s role as the deliverer and as it has helped her in her own life.

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