Martin MacNeill claims witness lied, wants murder conviction thrown out

Published: Thursday, Jan. 2 2014 12:40 p.m. MST

The attorneys say Buchanan corresponded several times with his family that all he needed was for MacNeill to stay alive until he testified.

"On Oct. 13, 2013, Buchanan called his mother again and says that 'no one is by the phone, so he can talk now.' Buchanan says, 'I aint worried about any repercussions.' 'He’s just an old shriveled up doctor.' 'He aint mafia,'" MacNeill's attorneys wrote. "Buchanan says that he 'needs (Martin) alive and well,' and that 'he can hang himself' after he testifies against him."

MacNeill attempted suicide Dec. 5 in his Utah County Jail cell by cutting himself with a disposable razor, according to deputies. He was treated at a hospital and returned to jail.

Newly filed court documents reveal that MacNeill's attorneys received a copy of their client's suicide note a couple of weeks after the incident.

"Included in the letter was a suicide note written by MacNeill on or about Dec. 5, 2013, professing his innocence in his wife’s death," the motion states.

Prosecutors have also filed motions in court, requesting their own copies of Buchanan's email and phone correspondence. They have also asked a judge for additional time to file their response to the defense's request for a new trial.


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