Letter: Attorney general

Published: Sunday, Dec. 29 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

Gov. Gary Herbert and the Republican Party had an opportunity to prove that they believed in fair, honest, ethical elections in the state and show Utah's citizens that we believe in doing what's right. As a registered Republican, I am highly disappointed in the selection of Sean Reyes as attorney general. The governor chose to placate delegates without paying attention to the wishes of the Utah people.

Reyes was rejected by Republicans in the primary by over two to one. He barely did better than the Democratic challenger to John Swallow in the general election, but because the delegates selected him with the higher numbers he is appointed. Now we will have an attorney general who will be more worried about the election in November than restoring integrity to the office.

The attorney general's race was tainted and this does not erase the taint. I for one will not forget that Republicans are more worried about winning than restoring faith in our government. I will be looking for candidates on both sides who will better represent us and our way of life better than what we saw today.

Kelvin Green

West Jordan

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