PROVO — The Provo City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night in favor of an ordinance that seeks to end “predatory” towing by putting more restrictions on property owners and towing companies.

After more than two hours of discussion, the City Council voted 7-0 in favor of the new ordinance that would require towing companies to either have a request made by a property owner before they can tow or boot, or have a contract with a property owner or company to freely check for illegally parked cars.

Mayor John Curtis said towing problems won’t be resolved overnight, but he believes it's a good way to crack down on the issue.

Curtis and city officials have worked for nearly two years on the amended ordinance. Parking has been a big problem in Provo for years because some towing companies offer incentives for employees to boot or tow cars. Those employees are said to have been on the prowl, looking for any car out of place.

The new guidelines will start in 2014, and the "call to tow" option begins in February.

If a business or property owner wants to contract with a certified towing company, the registration has to be complete by Jan. 31. The ordinance also caps how much certified towing companies can charge people if they are towed or booted.

— Haley Smith