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Kansas State University geographers researched and mapped out where the seven deadly sins are most prevalent in the United States.

Looking for where the seven deadly sins are most common in America? There's a map for that.

Actually, there's a couple of maps. These maps — originally published in 2009, when Kansas State University geographers researched and mapped out where the seven deadly sins are most prevalent in the United States — recently resurfaced on Memolition, an online news site, and are gaining attention, Yahoo News reported.

Each map shows a mostly pale yellow United States with splotches of blue and red splattered throughout. Red regions show where that specific deadly sin is more prevalent, whereas blotches of blue show where it is seen less, according to Yahoo.

“The seven deadly sins … are, in no particular order: wrath, envy, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust and pride,” wrote Mike Krumboltz for Yahoo, adding that the geographers “did some research using data on things such as number of fast food restaurants per capita (gluttony), number of thefts and robberies (envy) and average incomes compared with the number of inhabitants living beneath the poverty line (greed).”

The maps show high amounts of envy, lust, pride and wrath in the southern United States and low amounts of those sins in the Midwest. Gluttony and sloth are barely seen throughout the United States, according to the maps, with only Texas and some Atlantic coast states having high indicators of gluttony and fractions of the country committing sloth. Greed is high in the Northeast, Northwest and Pacific coast of the United States, whereas middle America and parts of the south show low levels of the deadly sin.

This isn’t the first map in recent weeks to show the differences between pockets of the United States. The Washington Post recently published a map that showed different dialects from across the country. Though the map was put together more than 10 years ago, The Washington Post offered a rundown of the findings that separate the different cultures of the country.

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“Do you pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd?” wrote Reid Wilson. “Do you refer to multiple people as 'dey'? Is a jelly doughnut called a 'bismark,' or is everything that comes out of a soda fountain called a coke, even if it’s really 7-Up? Do you root for Da Bears?”

Business Insider also recently published a map that showed where America’s wealth is seen. Most of the country’s wealth, according to the map, is in the Northeast.

“At the county level," wrote Emily Badger for the Business Insider, "America is a tremendously unequal place,”

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