SALT LAKE CITY — Utah motorists experienced one of the greatest drops in gas prices in the country over the past month.

The average price for regular gasoline in the Beehive State registered at $3.05 a gallon, according to AAA Utah. That represents an 18-cent drop from the previous month’s AAA report, and it's 36 cents lower than a year ago. Only seven states have lower fuel prices than Utah.

All of the Utah cities tracked by AAA reported double-digit decreases in average gas prices. Moab reported the greatest price decrease, down 23 cents to $3.27 per gallon, while St. George drivers saw the smallest decline, falling 12 cents.

St. George reported the highest price per gallon at $3.29, with Provo motorists paying the lowest average price at $2.97 per gallon.

Ogden, Provo and Salt Lake City were the only three cities surveyed that reported average prices under the $3 mark.

“Plentiful supplies, flat demand and falling crude prices combined for dramatic relief at the pump for Utah motorists this fall, but the lower pricing trend has been mixed the last several weeks in other areas,” said AAA Utah spokeswoman Rolayne Fairclough. “While Utah and 19 other states continue to see lower prices, 30 states have higher prices, including Florida with a (22-cent) increase, and 12 other states with increases above (10 cents).”

Nationally, the average price was $3.26 per gallon — 8 cents higher than last month and 8 cents lower than a year ago. Hawaii continues to set the record with the highest fuel prices in the country at $3.93 a gallon.

New York and Connecticut shared the highest price in the contiguous states at $3.66 per gallon, while Missouri enjoyed the lowest prices at $2.91. Kansas, Minnesota and Oklahoma also registered average gas prices under $3.


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