Normally, I take a neutral attitude on George Will's columns, ("Are we witnessing how a presidency unravels," Nov. 24) however, I think his remarks are quite relevant here. Mr. Will notes that "Carter's presidency crumbled when people decided they still liked his character but had no confidence in his competence." Mr. Will contrasts that by saying that nowadays people "doubt both his (Obama's) character and his competence."

With previous promises about Obamacare provisions being broken, combined with compulsory — and hence non-negotiable — mandates, which threaten all citizens regardless of whether they are rich or poor; young or old; brilliant or mentally challenged, corporate businesses as well as private individuals are worried. Household budgets may be turned upside-down. Yet, neither Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius nor President Obama himself can give solid unequivocal answers as to the security, privacy and flexibility that most Americans expect from government programs.

I think if Obama wants to help the "truly needy," fine, expand Medicaid with scrupulous oversight. If we have a presidency that unravels, we have a leadership vacuum. On a subject of this magnitude, if a president generates "no confidence" among so many of our citizens, our ability for smooth interaction among the three branches of government is severely impaired … perhaps irreparably.

James Marples