Amy Choate-Nielsen: Being sick belongs on gratitude list this Thanksgiving

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 26 2013 3:38 p.m. MST

So, this Thanksgiving, it is not simply the Dr Pepper and ibuprofen and antibiotics that I am grateful for. In this world where so many have so little, I am grateful to be reminded that with the comfort I receive, I must also comfort others.

In that regard, this stanza from the poem, "The Stranger and His Friend," by James Montgomery, has the best remedy, perhaps, of all: "Stripped, wounded, beaten, nigh to death, I found him by the highway-side: I roused his pulse, brought back his breath, revived his spirit and supplied wine, oil, refreshment; he was heal'd — I had myself a wound conceal'd; but from that hour, forgot the smart, and peace bound up my broken heart."

Amy Choate-Nielsen is a full-time mom and part-time writer. She spends her days at the park and her nights at the computer. She writes about family history and her quest to understand life while learning about her deceased grandmother, Fleeta.

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