The Carterization of the Obama presidency may be at hand

By Martin Schram

Scripps Howard News Service

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 26 2013 3:40 p.m. MST

But don't overlook another powerful force in Iran that the nuclear experts frequently forget or underestimate. Many thousands of Iranians cheered the announcement of the interim pact. Iran has a huge middle class that is fond of the culture of America and the west and has suffered from life under economic sanctions. In Iran's recent elections, they overwhelmingly rejected a number of hardliners to elect the more moderate Hassan Rouhani as president.

In the next six months, Iran may discover that the joys of living in a world community are better than returning to a life of sanctions imposed because of their supreme ruler's nuclear pursuit. And we may discover whether Iran's western-yearning middle class can possibly moderate the self-inflicted pain of a continued nuclear quest.

Meanwhile, we may also discover whether our president can possibly regain the competence we once thought he had. And whether he can re-earn our trust.

Martin Schram writes political analysis for Scripps Howard News Service. E-mail him at

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