WOMEN WHO DARE: North America’s Most Inspiring Women Climbers” by Chris Noble, FalconGuides, $24.95, 208 pages (nf)

Climbing the face of a rock, cliff or mountain takes skill, practice and a certain amount of courage and spunk. In “Women Who Dare,” photojournalist Chris Noble shares photos and the stories of 20 women climbers, including several who call Utah home.

He introduces each, whether a rising star or a veteran, and then has them tell in their own words how they started climbing, stories about their climbs, their accomplishments, philosophies on climbing, how they train and also how they balance climbing with their personal lives.

Some of the women discovered climbing in their teens and others not until years later. They matter-of-factly share their triumphs and challenges and practical advice on getting psyched up for a climb, as they conversationally explain why it is they climb.

The climbers interviewed include Step Davis and Lisa Hathway, both of Moab, Nancy Feagin and Brittany Griffith of Salt Lake City, and mothers Lauren Lee McCormick of St. George and Jacinda “JC” Hunter, who has four children and her signature climb is in American Fork Canyon.

“The biggest challenge I’ve had in climbing and in life is juggling a full-time job, a husband, four kids and time for climbing,” said Hunter, whose children don’t climb. “It’s a constant balancing act.”

As each woman shares her stories, her love of climbing and passion comes through, and it’s easy to see why they’re at the top of their sport. They also look to the future of climbing and what it may hold for future generations.

The language is clean and there isn’t any detailed violence.

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Scenes from Utah’s canyons and cliffs, along with the indoor climbing champions who were in Utah, are sprinkled throughout the profiles.

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