Loser: The ads may not be publicly funded, and they may be only on the Internet, not on your TV, but that doesn’t detract from the distasteful and harmful message of pro-Obamacare messages originating in Colorado. Two nonprofits are funding the ads, designed to appeal to young people and to urge them to enroll. But the ads blatantly endorse promiscuity and binge drinking under the guise that insurance will cover any ill-effects of behavior. They have gone viral, which means too many people are getting a message we’re sure even many who endorse the Affordable Care Act were not intending.

Winner: Some are speculating that Boeing may just have been posturing as part of union negotiations when it said this week is was considering moving a 777X production facility to Utah. But regardless of the motive, the widely reported fact that company officials met with state officials is a sign that Utah has made itself an attractive place to do business. Even if Boeing never makes the switch, the state is well positioned to continue growing because of its business-friendly conditions, low taxes and attractive lifestyle.

Loser: Remember the good old days when Congress passed laws and the president signed them? We’re wondering what happened to that concept, considering we don’t remember any changes to that part of the Constitution. When President Obama announced this week that he wants a one-year postponement on the Affordable Care Act’s rules on acceptable insurance plans, he appeared to be acting as if he had power to change laws all by himself. If Congress had the ability to get anything done, it could set the president straight on that concept.

Winner: Police believe they have caught their man. That’s because you can nearly always count on bad guys to do something stupid to give themselves away. A week ago, officers in Utah were led on a high-speed chase that ended when the suspect ran into a Home Depot and eluded capture. But then the suspect tried to use a credit card stolen in Utah after driving in an SUV stolen in Utah and staying at a Boise motel where he and a woman registered after forging the name on the credit card. Running, as the saying goes, is much easier than hiding.

Loser: “Generation Wait” is not a good moniker. Unfortunately, it does seem to be an appropriate one for 20-somethings who can’t seem to get started in life because of the lingering effects of the Great Recession. Census Bureau statistics show many young college graduates still can’t find a decent paying job, even as they struggle to repay student loans. As a result, many of them still live at home and are postponing marriage and family. Only 23.3 percent of people ages 25-29 moved to a different home during the 12 months ending in March of this year, an AP report said. In 1965, that figure was 36.7 percent. The lack of mobility is a potential drag on economic recovery as a large segment of the population fails to purchase homes, cars and other big-ticket items. A lot of aging parents might say it is a drag in other ways, too.