SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Attorney General’s Office and the House committee investigating its boss say they have agreed on a way to give investigators access to records that contain confidential health and financial information.

The office and the committee filed a joint motion Wednesday seeking a 3rd District Court order to help provide the records and maintain people's privacy. The order would protect health and tax records, documents related to crimes against children and ongoing criminal investigations as well as sealed court records.

The committee issued Attorney General John Swallow and his office subpoenas in September but the office declined to turn over records that contain information protected by federal law.

Attorney general's office spokesman Paul Murphy said the office has already given the committee more than 8,000 documents and has worked with committee investigators to copy computer hard drives and network servers. The private information was discovered during that process, he said.

Investigators say they also learned that a large of amount of Swallow's emails and other electronic data are missing. Swallow denied last week deleting any information relevant to the investigation.

— Dennis Romboy