From Mormon Tabernacle Choir gig to World Series 'flub?' Or did James Taylor intend a 'mashup?'

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 29 2013 12:30 p.m. MDT

Harry Connick, Jr. ‏@HarryConnickJR 27 Oct: "i'm singing the national anthem at game 5 tomorrow in st louis on @FOXSports !!! to make it younger, i'll be changing the 1st word to 'yo'."

Don't worry, he didn't.

So far, there is no official video available of Taylor performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony last month at the annual Tanner Gift of Music concert, though YouTube has a video from concertgoers. The concert is expected to air on BYUtv in 2014. Visit for details.

Taylor said "the Tabernacle Choir is a national treasure and a great gift to the world." After his trip to Salt Lake City, his team posted pictures of him playing the Tabernacle organ on his Facebook page.

Read Doug Robinson's Deseret News story about covering one of his favorite recording artists at the concert here:

Watch an interview with Taylor and his wife by CNN's Brooke Baldwin before Game 2 here. In the interview he talks about the spiritual ability of music to heal: "Music reminds us the universe loves us," he said. "It's a human language, but it's also a physical reality in the universe, undeniable, empirically true. It shows us that there is grace. It's no mistake that the church has always been the home of music and that it's always associated with spiritual things."

For a little more on Taylor's wife and their twin sons, see the Boston Herald.

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