WANSHIP, Summit County — A father and son were cold but otherwise uninjured after a strong gust of wind capsized their canoe Monday on Rockport Reservoir.

A man and his 14-year-old son went out on the reservoir early Monday in a 14-foot canoe, said Utah State Parks and Recreation spokesman Eugene Swalberg. As they were coming in from the water, a gust of wind capsized their boat about 50 feet from shore, he said.

Both people were wearing life jackets. The boy swam to shore, and a camper let him sit in his car to warm up. The father was wearing a bulky jacket under the life vest that was weighing him down, Swalberg said.

The father took off his life jacket and jacket and hung on to the capsized canoe, which was blown a short distance down near the shore before reaching ground.

The man and boy were treated and released at the scene by medical personnel.

— Pat Reavy