America is making religious diversity work, journalist says

Published: Saturday, Oct. 26 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

One of the areas where that is happening is the area of religious liberty. From Goodstein’s perspective, recent concerns about threats to religious liberty started with concerns from the Catholic Church about Affordable Health Care Act provisions requiring insurance coverage of birth control.

“The Catholic Church says this is a threat to religious liberty,” Goodstein said. “Then evangelicals joined in, then Mormon leaders started showing up at conference talking about this subject and now you have Greek Orthodox representatives, Jewish rabbis and all kinds of folks concerned about religious liberty. These are people who, 10 years ago, would not have worked together in such a public way. But now they are coming together, and I think there is some overlap, some positive residue when people work together on something like this.”

Goodstein’s appearance at UVU was co-sponsored by several university organizations, including the Student Association, Academic Affairs, the Religious Studies and Honors programs and the centers for Global and Intercultural Engagement and the Study of Ethics.


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