Martin MacNeill was erratic, 'hysterical' on day of wife's death, witnesses say

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 6:35 a.m. MDT

Finally, Mickelson said that in 2002 he had prescribed a trio of drugs for Michele MacNeill at her husband’s request. Michele reportedly hurt her neck after hitting her head on a headboard and needed some pain relief. Mickelson said he was “uncomfortable” with the number of pills Martin MacNeill asked for but complied as a “professional courtesy” and as a one-time thing, until she could be seen.

After testimony ended on Tuesday, the judge and attorneys discussed whether Ada MacNeill will be allowed to testify before the jury. Ada, who was 6 in 2007 and is now 12, was the first person to find her mother in the bathtub.

Spencer objected to her testifying, contending that her memories have been tainted over time by conversations she has had with others — specifically her sisters — who pushed for the death to be investigated as a homicide. Spencer said he fears Ada’s memory has been so compromised that “there is a high probability of false memories.”

Judge Derek P. Pullan will delay the start of Thursday’s court testimony to hold a two-hour hearing on the issue. Prosecutors will put two investigators and sister Alexis Somers on the stand to try to establish that Ada’s accounts of what occurred have not altered over time.


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