Kyle Whittingham: If you had told me Andy Phillips was going to be 12 of his first 14 kicks, we all would have taken that

Full video, audio and transcript of Utah football press conference

Published: Monday, Oct. 21 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

Kyle Whittingham full press conference video, 10/21

Reporter: Can you give us an idea of how Adam Schulz graded out once he came in?

KW: Yeah, he was pretty good, his QB rating, which is kind of the new barometer, was, I think in the mid-60s, which isn’t bad. And then, as far as our own grade, it was, as I remember, in the high 80 percentile, is what he graded at. I’d have to go back and be sure, but that’s about where I believe. It was.

Reporter: Coach, to watch when Andy Phillips missed his field goals, he seemed absolutely shocked. I wonder for the reaction was for you guys for somebody who's been automatic, and since then, have you or maybe coach Hill sat down and talked with him, or do you just leave him alone?

KW: Well, coach Hill’s talked to him. Andy’s a tough kid, and it’s unfortunate we missed those two kicks. But if you would have told me at the beginning of the year, he’s going to make 12 of his first 14 kicks, I think we all would have taken that, and so that’s where he is right now. He’s 12 of 14. Obviously, those kicks were big. Had we made those kicks, 30-28 it would have been, at the end there, or towards the end, but that’s just, you know, would-a, should-a, could-a.

And so, we’re pleased with what Andy’s done so far this year, and my guess is he’ll get back on track this week.

Reporter: Coach, what's going on with the offensive line that has them so hot and cold in pass protection.

KW: That’s another good question. We’ve had some breakdowns in pass protection. One time, it was a miscommunication. We checked a protection at the line, and didn’t get communicated all the way to the left tackle, gave up a sack in a situation there. In fact, both tackles last week — last week, Saturday night — were not as stout as they had been most weeks. We gave up some things on the edge. The inside three, however, played very well. The guards and the center, and so, we’d like to get them all playing well at the same time. That’s the objective.

Reporter: And that inside three, that’s been hot for you all year long, you’ve had …

KW: Very solid. Very solid all year long. You know, Salt and Tofaeono at guards, and then Vince Jones at center. Very consistent.

Reporter: I felt like this game, in particular, really missed Jake Murphy at times, that target that drew some attention.

KW: Yeah.

Reporter: Dres Anderson (did) not hit as often as maybe you would like, or anybody would have liked. Can you talk to us about the tight end position and what you're maybe looking to do at that position at this point?

KW: Yeah, well, that certainly has taken a big dimension away from our offense, and we are feeling the effects of that, but you’ve got to move forward. Karl Williams has been our answer so far with a lot more two-back stuff. Siale and Greg Reese... I think we played about eight or 10 snaps with a tight end Saturday night. But going forward, we’ve got to take a look at maybe implementing them more, giving us a little more diversity on offense, because that’s something that, you know, losing Jake and Westlee (Tonga) has really altered our plans.

Reporter: Coach, outside of the Weber State game, it seems like every win and every loss has been so emotional…

KW: You're right, right.

Reporter: Is the team staying even? How are you guys handling this?

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