In our opinion: Three chances for U.S. to reaffirm commitment to religious liberty

Published: Sunday, Oct. 20 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

The best outcome also would be for the Obama administration to pick a strong new ambassador for religious freedom — one with diplomatic experience whose mission is to press for liberty worldwide, not just act as a liaison to religious leaders in other countries.

Writing on, Will Inboden notes that the nation cannot adequately counter radical jihadi groups without a strategy “of which religious freedom must be an integral part.”

Finally, the best outcome would be a unanimous Supreme Court ruling that supports prayers at public meetings, allowing all who wish to do so an opportunity regardless of beliefs. Fortunately, the Obama administration already has weighed in on the side of religion in that case, joining 23 states and several religious groups.

These three positive outcomes, together with a change in policy regarding Obamacare and forced contraceptive coverage, could help the United States live up to Washington’s policy of giving bigotry no sanction and persecution no assistance.

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