Utah football: Whittingham went to In-N-Out and had a Double-Double to celebrate his 75th coaching win

Full transcript, audio and video of Kyle Whittingham press conference

Published: Monday, Oct. 14 2013 6:25 p.m. MDT

Kyle Whittingham full press conference video, 10/14

They're active. They give you a lot of different looks as far as linebackers moving around, and like I said, they've got some really good players over there.

Reporter: I know you've been pretty pleased with the kicking game — punt and kick game — but what can you do to improve kick coverage?

KW: Yeah, that's the phase we haven't been pleased with, and we have to take a long, hard look a that. Last week, we were playing against a premier kick returner, Montgomery. Our plan was to not let him touch the ball. He ended up touching it two or three times, and we paid the price. That was not due to any lack of effort on our part to keep it away from him because we tried.

We've got to get that fixed. If you look at the football team in its entirety and say, "Where's your Achilles' heel, it's probably the kickoff coverage unit right now. We've got to get that addressed, and we will.

Reporter: Last thing for me. Going back to something you said earlier about the conference and quarterback play and things. I think there's eight quarterbacks right now on pace to go for over 3,000 yards passing. Just kind of your overall view on quarterback play right now in the Pac-12?

KW: Well, it's outstanding. Like you mentioned, there's eight. If you do the numbers with what they've accomplished so far and what's left in the season, that's exactly what will happen is eight of them will go over 3,000 yards.

First of all, I don't know if that's happened in any conference ever, but most importantly, we're very glad that our guy is one of those eight. And so it's a conference full of very good quarterbacks, and the numbers they're putting up is outstanding right now.

Reporter: Coach, as good as Andy Phillips is at putting that ball through the uprights, is there even a possibility that someone else might step in and kickoff and put the ball out of the back of the end zone?

KW: We've tried that. We've worked all the kickers in the program. We're searching for the guy that is able to do the best job of that, and right now it's Andy. It's not for a lack of searching and giving other people a shot. It's just that right now we don't have that guy that can pound it out of the back of the end zone with any consistency or any regularity.

Reporter: You've referenced that meeting last week. Is that a routine meeting, or was it called by you or them or…?

KW: It was called by me. It's not really that out of character. We do that periodically through the season. I meet with different groups, the leadership council on occasion, the captains quite often and the seniors on occasion.

That's something that you just go by feel. When you think you'd like to sit down with some of those guys, take their pulse and see what they're thinking.

Reporter: Coach, that was your 75th victory as a coach. Did you celebrate that in any way, or did you even know that?

KW: Yeah, I went to In-N-Out and had a Double-Double. That was the extent of it.

I didn't know that until we were at In-N-Out and did have a Double-Double. One of my brothers mentioned that. I had no idea, but yeah. There you go.

Reporter: Kyle, I want to ask you about your friend Andy Reid and Alex Smith being undefeated with the Chiefs. Did you sense that they would be a good partnership?

KW: I did. I had conversation with Andy about that potential move and gave Alex my 100 percent endorsement. It's been a good match, and they're doing great.

And by the way, Andy is a closet Ute. Not a lot of people know that, but Andy Reid wears Ute gear constantly and is a closet Ute. Actually that wouldn't be a closet Ute if you wear your Ute gear constantly.

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