Utah football: Whittingham went to In-N-Out and had a Double-Double to celebrate his 75th coaching win

Full transcript, audio and video of Kyle Whittingham press conference

Published: Monday, Oct. 14 2013 6:25 p.m. MDT

Kyle Whittingham full press conference video, 10/14

We mentioned Trevor and Nate, but Tenny is really the anchor of the interior guys. It's a situation where we're getting outstanding play up front, and it needs to continue. To answer your question, yeah. We envisioned getting good pressure off the edge from Nate and Trevor, and they've given us just that.

Reporter: You've seen a lot different quarterbacks league-wide and even in non-conference this year. How about a thought on B.J. Denker, the quarterback? He's not what you would call a traditional Pac-12 quarterback. He's not the guy the guy that maybe sits back there and throws the ball a ton. He did put up good numbers against SC, but maybe a little bit more like the quarterbacks you saw in the non-conference season?

KW: Well, he's a very, very good fit for their scheme. He runs the ball exceptionally well. For what coach RichRod likes to do, I think he's, like I said, a good fit and able to do the things required of a quarterback in that system. He's another guy that's mobile, he's tough to tackle, he's fast, and he does throw the ball with efficiency. Another dual-threat quarterback like we see almost every week.

Reporter: Coach, we saw Bubba Poole carry the ball primarily against Stanford. Is that something that you are going game-to-game to see who's in the rhythm? Who has the mojo as far as the running back is concerned?

KW: Yeah. We talked about this last week, and pretty much the same mindset. If we've got a guy that's the "hot back," I guess you could call him, making the big runs and gaining the yards, we're going to stick with that guy. We supplemented him with a few runs from Lucky, who came in and did a really nice job.

A lot of it has to do with the practice week leading into the game, making sure that we can count on a guy not to make mental mistakes and do the right things. That also goes into the equation of how many reps you're going to get. In this particular game, Bubba started out extremely productive and stayed that way the entire game. We just spelled him really to get him a little rest and really no other reason.

Reporter: The biggest difference between UCLA and Stanford: the illness?

KW: No, we're not going to let the illness ever be an excuse. It's just the ball bounced a little bit funny against UCLA, and again, I said it last week that the six interceptions, at least five of them were not bad decisions and not bad throws. I think that him playing the way he did was no surprise to us. We expected him, with his competitive nature and his confidence, to bounce back and to play well. Fortunately, he did that.

Reporter: He already kind of asked what I was going to ask, but just about the running backs. Kelvin was your top rusher the week before. He really didn't play at all. Talk about that, and then Karl Williams, has he just been injured? Is that the reason he hasn't played as much?

KW: Well, we lost both our tight ends, so we had to do something. We lost our first two tight ends. We still like Greg Reese and Siale Fakailoatonga, who are the next two, but we felt like this particular week, with what Dennis and Brian wanted to get accomplished that Karl was a good fit. He came in and played exceptionally well.

I was very proud of Karl and the way he blocked and the things he gave us. It was twofold: One, out of necessity because of the tight end situation, and No. 2, what we thought was going to be a potential advantage for us in this game.

Reporter: Coach, can you talk a little bit more about Carey and what makes him such a dangerous runner? I think he had 204 yards last year against you guys.

KW: Yeah, he did a number on us. He's a powerful kid — not the tallest kid in the world, you know, 5 (feet) 10 (inches), 5 (feet) 11 (inches), but he's about 210 pounds, extremely explosive, great vision, and great quickness. He's a guy that can really change direction, and tough to tackle. We've got our work cut out for us, and we've got to do a much better job than we did last year on him. I've been impressed with him since the first time I watched him play, and I think he's one of the top backs in the country.

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