HINCKLEY, Millard County — A Delta man was killed in a motorcycle crash Monday night.

Jon A. Murdock, 46, was riding a Harley Davidson on state Route 257, approaching the intersection connecting U.S. 6 just outside of Hinckley, when he braked at the last second rather than casually slowing down, according to the Utah Highway Patrol.

Murdock skidded into the middle of the intersection and tipped the motorcycle onto its side. He and the bike continued to slide to the opposite side of the road where he hit a four-by-four wooden post holding a sign, UHP reported.

"The driver suffered serious injuries to his head, torso and nearly amputated one arm," troopers wrote.

Murdock, who was not wearing a helmet, was transported by medical helicopter to a hospital in Salt Lake City but later died from his injuries.