SANDY — Sandy Police want to talk to a man who left the scene after his car struck a pregnant woman Sunday morning while backing out of a parking space at a Harmons supermarket.

Sandy Police Sgt. John Arnold said authorities don't know why the man drove away after the incident. Arnold said he did get out of his car and asked if the woman was OK after she was knocked down.

"It's unclear why he left, whether he though because she was OK, it was OK to leave the scene," Arnold said. "If you're involved in a crash, you're obligated by law to stay at the scene until officers arrive" even if no one appears hurt.

The woman, Chelsea Sheedy, 30, of Sandy, was treated at the scene and then taken to a hospital for scrapes, bruises, a back injury and a possible concussion, according to her husband, Nick.

He said vital signs were stable for his wife, who is four months pregnant, and their baby, and she was released from the hospital.

Arnold said police did spot a vehicle later Sunday matching the description of a white Ford Explorer SUV with a red stripe and Idaho license plates, but the officers were unable to catch up to the vehicle to pull it over.

The sergeant said the driver should contact police to clarify what happened.

"This individual knows who they are," Arnold said, calling for him to step forward.


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