Matt Wells: We're going to have to stop 'the QB run game (against BYU)' (+video)

Transcript of Utah State football Monday press conference

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 1 2013 8:15 p.m. MDT

Matt Wells, Players address the media prior to USU-BYU game

“It should be a great atmosphere, I'm looking forward to it. With 6,500 students and the HURD there, and the game has been sold out for a few weeks now. The atmosphere and the buzz around Logan is big-time, and fun. Internally, the way we prepare and practice, we need to stay very consistent.”

On Kyle Whimpey's status:

“Kyle is going to be done for the year, unfortunately. That's a hard deal. I've got a lot of respect for Kyle. You hate that for any kid. Senior year and for it to happen going into this week, it stinks for him. It's real life and it's real emotions for us. We're not going to hide it. It's part of the game. We all know that, we all understand that and we all accept that. It's the reality of it and that stinks. He'll have surgery some time this week and be there to support his teammates. He'll be a great teammate. We'll move on.”

“That's a unit that prides itself on their team. They're team guys who've got a lot of pride in that unit. I think typically most O-Line units have that, but this one's different. They'll play well, trust me.”

On using the depth of the O-Line:

“They're going to have to step up. The guys around them are going to have to step up and help them. They've been preparing for this. I've got confidence in who we put out there as a unit and individually. They'll play well and hold their end of the rope. We'll be fine up there.”

On Sini Tauauve'a's performance filling in at San Jose State:

“It was good. He's gotten a lot of playing time leading up to that. Now it will be extended playing time. Sini will be just fine. Bill Vavau will be just fine. Whoever we put in there next to them will play well around them. Tyler (Larsen) will play well, Kevin Whimpey will play well, (Eric) Schultz will play well. As long as they communicate and stick together, they'll play well as a unit.”

On the likeness of BYU to Louisiana Tech's offense last year:

“I would assume it would be pretty similar. It's fast. Louisiana Tech was warp speed and I would expect it to be very similar.”

On Taysom Hill's improvements:

“A lot of his improvements are in his receivers. A lot of passing game, the spotlight gets put on the quarterback, good or bad. When Chuckie (Keeton) has a really good game, when Taysom has a really good game or when Peyton Manning has a really good game, you say, ‘Oh, he was right on.’ But a lot of times, they're contested catches. The spacing and the timing is just really good on the perimeter. Then when it's not a good passing outing, everything gets pointed right back on the quarterback. Sometimes it's rhythm, sometimes it's protection, sometimes it's something flashing in front of the quarterback's face. Maybe there's penetration, maybe there's pressure on him from an O-Line or running back standpoint and pass protection. I'm sure they're getting some kinks worked out. It looked really smooth Friday night on the tape that I saw. I'm sure there are plenty of people around him who are more confident and doing a good job.”

On Taysom Hill's running game:

“He's strong, he's physical, he's very confident. He's a good athlete. He's really fast. They do a good job of scheming quarterback runs from a schematic standpoint. There's some stuff just like with Chuckie (Keeton) that you can't coach and you can't scheme. When it's man-to-man a lot of times he makes those guys miss or he runs through arm tackles. He'll be a load to stop.”

On JD Falslev:

“I don't know him well, I've kind of just met him a little bit since I've been here. I respect him because I think he's got mojo and a lot of moxie. He's a football player. You can't pin him down. I'd like to coach him, I know that.”

On Kyle Van Noy:

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