Balancing act: Would you take a pay cut to work from home?

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 1 2013 8:59 a.m. MDT

"The balance is important for employers, who must consider the productivity tradeoff — is a 7.9 percent pay cut worth it if the relative decrease in productivity is more than 8 (percent)? Probably not. But if productivity can be maintained, the benefits are obvious for many tech companies," the GetVoIP press release said.

Productivity is the key variable in this equation. As I've mentioned in previous columns, several workers on my team have found they are actually more productive than usual during their occasional work-from-home days. And I would guess some tech workers would find that to be the case every day.

Furthermore, some companies may see added savings in this kind of arrangement, as they wouldn't have to rent or buy as much office space, furniture and the like. Even with an investment in technology to make telecommuting easier, they could come out ahead if employees took a pay cut to work from home.

But that still doesn't mean this would make sense for every employee or every company.

What do you think? Would you be willing to accept a pay cut if you could work from home every day? How large could that cut be to still make sense for you and your family?

Send me an email or leave a comment online with your ideas, and I'll use some of your responses when I revisit this issue in a future column.

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