A family journey: 14-year-old Kollin Galland fights back after trampoline accident

Published: Sunday, Sept. 29 2013 11:50 p.m. MDT

“That’s kind of who Kollin is too,” Jodie said. “He’s not going to let anyone tell him he can’t do something without trying it first. We’re pretty confident that he’ll be able to do everything he did before, he just might have to do it in a little bit of a different way.”

On Friday September 13, Jodie Galland wrote on her blog “something very special” happened for Kollin and their family. The students at Timpview High nominated Kollin as the freshman Homecoming Prince.

His brother Ethan stood in for Kollin at the football game to receive the award and escort the freshman princess onto the field at halftime.

“You learn how tough you can be and how strong you can be,” Jodie Galland said. “You also learn how much people care about you and that’s huge. That’s huge.”

A greater good

Jodie Galland said if she could, she would give Kollin her legs.

“It’s hard for a mom to watch her kid suffer,” she said. “I would trade places with him in a second if I could…if I could.”

Gary Galland paused, his eyes welling with tears, as he verbalized one of the concerns he now has for his son.

“Are there going to be young ladies that still want to date him?” he asked aloud. “As a father I was worried. Are you still going to be interested in my son?”

But Gary Galland said the young women are still interested in his son.

“They’re wonderful, they’re kind, they come up and they’re excited and they want the best for him,” he said. “They have just gotten close to him so that’s been neat.”

Shortly after the accident, Braydon, 18, wrote a letter home from the mission field.

“Today, I received the worst news that I have ever heard about my best buddy Kollin. I broke down,” he wrote. “I felt so low and empty for about 0.5 seconds, and than I remembered what the Lord has been doing for me this week — how he is there, working miracles. I know that God is even more devastated than I am about the news of Kollin.”

Braydon wrote that God is a God of miracles.

“Kollin, I love you. Everything will be OK. Everything already is OK. We are all in the hands of the Lord,” he wrote.

Jodie Galland said she feels like there are friends of friends, and family of families praying for her son.

“Maybe he doesn’t even know it yet but I think that’s helping him a lot. A lot a lot,” Jodie Galland said. “I feel like we’re being sustained by a greater good.”

Moving forward

Noah Yarro said now he feels the charge to be a better friend to Kollin.

“Last time I saw him he was sad because he wasn’t going to be able to do the things that we used to do,” he said, after they talked about going swimming. “I said that we can still do those things and then we laughed. He said, ‘OK but you have to buy me floaties.’”

Gary Galland said over the past few weeks they have been the most impressed with the good nature of people; their neighbors and community, and even strangers here and around the world.

“We’re in a time where there ‘s a lot of bad going on, and I saw more bad all the time,” he said. “So for me it’s been a blessing to see how much good; goodness in people and coming together and cheering for him and wanting the best for him. “

Gary Galland said the accident has caused him and his family to pause, but not stop.

“Do we stop living life to its fullest?” Gary asked. “Do we live in fear or is this just an accident and we’re going to go on? And we’re the type and the brothers, we’ll be out jumping on it I think,” he said of trampolines.

Jodie Galland said knowing how many people are rooting for Kollin helps her stay positive.

“I want to stay positive because I think for sure you get results better when you’re positive,” she said.

Gary Galland said they’re still going to do all of Kollin’s favorite things, like ski and go visit the arches.

“(They’re) just new adventures in a different way,” he said.

And Kollin agrees. As he gets used to his new wheelchair, he wheels over to a mirror to check out his reflection and flex his arms.

“I’m ready to go roll a marathon,” Kollin said.

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