Following a heartbreaking loss to Oregon State and an emotional fourth-straight victory over BYU, it may seem like a letdown for the Utes to take a break now. However, Utah has a grueling Pac-12 schedule ahead and its bye week will give the team an extra week to prepare.

Unfortunately fans wont be able to watch the Utes; next opponent, UCLA, as it is also on a bye week ― but there are still plenty of other reasons to keep up with Pac-12 play in the coming days. From intriguing games to high-velocity quarterbacks to Pac-12 underdogs with a slight chance, there will be enough action to keep fans entertained.

Here are the 10 best matchups and reasons to watch the Pac-12 this weekend.

Whitney O'Bannon is a new media sports writer for the Deseret News. Follow on Twitter at @whitney_oban.