About Utah: No bull, no service for 106 miles

Published: Sunday, Sept. 22 2013 11:39 p.m. MDT

The majority of the people who come into their store after running out of gas, or who have spent the past 100 miles consumed with worry about running out of gas, complain about the placement of that sign.

So many that one morning on their day off, Andrea and Cindy got in their car and drove to Green River to see for themselves if the last sign was indeed AFTER the exit.

“We didn’t believe them, but it’s true,” they said. “We saw it ourselves.”

In contrast, cars approaching the longest-stretch-without-services from the west have ample warning in the form of a huge billboard a couple of miles from the Salina exit paid for by the city that announces “No Bull, No Service for 110 Miles.” A short way after that, still before the Salina exit, is the smaller official highway sign with the same warning.

People might be wary but those two signs get them into the Quick Stop. “They ask if it’s really no bull, no service for 110 miles? Or are you just trying to get more business?” says Andrea. “We tell them yes, it’s true, and not only that, that mountain sucks gas.”

“We do sell a lot of gas,” she says, “and also lots of bottles of water.”

And everybody’s happy to see them.

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