LEHI — The Lehi Fire Department is asking property owners who have structures that are abandoned and/or ready to be demolished to allow firefighters to conduct training in them.

Three types of training can take place: nondestructive, used for search and rescue; destructive, which is used for breaching walls, cutting holes in roofs, knocking out windows, etc.; and burn, which is used for suppression activities — the structure is not completely burned down.

The building owner can choose which type of training will take place in the building depending on his or her plans for it.

The best structures for this training are ones that have low appeal for potential tenants. Any abandoned or vacant buildings can be used, but particularly single-family residences, multifamily residences, one- or two-story apartment buildings, schools and strip shopping centers.

Properties must have completed an asbestos survey and proof of no insurance.

For more information, call Station 81 at 801-768-7130.