George F. Will: College football is more big business than academics

Published: Thursday, Sept. 19 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

Payoffs can be financed by selling everything, including the naming rights to football positions. The 2007 North Carolina State media guide thanked people for "scholarship endowments," including the "Ed 'Scooter' Mooney Nose Guard Scholarship," the "Longley Family Punter Scholarship" and 12 others.

Meanwhile, to preserve college football's purity, the NCAA has approximately 70 pages of stern rules about dealing with recruits: "An institution may provide fruit, nuts and bagels to a student-athlete at any time." Cookies? See the relevant regulation. In 2008, Easterbrook notes, the Raleigh News & Observer "reported that University of North Carolina football and men's basketball players were enrolled in email Swahili 'courses' that had no instructors and never met and always led to A's." There was, however, no evidence of cookie corruption.

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