We're hoping (there won't be any retaliation), but it’s been very difficult to get (students) to come forward and talk about what really happened. —Lana Hiskey

SALEM, Utah County — Two Salem Hills High School football players were suspended Tuesday after administrators learned of an alleged hazing incident.

The investigation also brought to light another alleged incident involving Salem Hills football players, though no suspensions have been issued in that matter.

Lana Hiskey, spokeswoman for the Nebo School District, said there are ongoing investigations for the separate incidents.

The first is the alleged hazing at a football camp in Millard County in August, an incident Hiskey said district officials learned about Monday. The second alleged incident involves Salem Hills football players and a female student, she said.

Hiskey said the incidents involve different players. The second alleged incident happened off campus as the students were going to lunch, she said, and there are "too many fuzzy details" to comment further.

“The investigation (into both alleged incidents) is continuing to go on because we’re having difficulty getting all of the facts from the students,” Hiskey said.

The Millard County Sheriff's Office is assisting with the football camp investigation, she said. An email from the sheriff's office Tuesday evening indicated the students will be investigated under Utah's lewdness law.

School officials are stressing the need for students, parents and anyone involved to come forward when such incidents occur, Hiskey said.

“What's difficult is when they won't come forward and say what happened," she said. "They push it aside and say, ‘Oh, kids were just goofing around.'"

Hiskey said Nebo School District has policies in place to deal with student discrimination and harassment, as well as bullying, hazing and retaliation.

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"We talk about no retaliation, that we will protect the students," she said. "We're hoping (there won't be any retaliation), but it’s been very difficult to get (students) to come forward and talk about what really happened.”

After the Millard County Sheriff's Office finishes its investigation, the proper action will be taken, Hiskey said.

“We cannot have students at school that are harassing and bullying other students,” she said. “Nebo School District is very concerned about the safety of students because students are not going to learn if they feel unsafe, and they won’t come to school."

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