About Utah: Positive spin works wonders at Snow College

Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 6:00 a.m. MDT

“Since Snow is the only school in the top 10 in all three rankings, we think we have a case that we are the top-ranked two-year college in America,” says Wyatt.

Two, Snow College is affordable.

“Nobody understands what that means so we spell it out,” says Wyatt. “We explain that if you pay tuition, fees and housing at Snow it’s going to cost you less than you’d pay for just tuition and fees at larger universities.”

In other words, you can live at home and commute to Weber State or the University of Utah or fill-in-the-blank, OR you can move out of your parents’ basement and live in Ephraim and it will cost you less money.

Three, Snow College is fun.

“People say, ‘But there’s no mall,’” says Wyatt. “Our answer: imagine living within a couple of blocks of 3,000 people your age. Your entire social life is right here. You don’t need a mall.”

The sales pitch worked so well that this year’s first-year class includes more than double the amount of freshmen from the populous Wasatch Front over a year ago.

Wyatt says they started seeing signs late last spring that the surge might be coming, but it wasn’t until August that reason for optimism was confirmed by an unprecedented demand to enroll.

In a year when 18-year-olds were supposed to be an endangered species, they have flocked to Ephraim in unprecedented numbers.

Wyatt shakes his head that they pulled it off.

“We don’t have juniors and seniors, we’re the most LDS of any school in the state, with the youngest students, mostly Utahns,” he says, still a bit traumatized by the odds that were against them.

Crazy what happens when you decide to talk about your strengths.

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