MANILA, Daggett County — The Middle Fork of Sheep Creek headwaters will be closed to the public for a fish removal project beginning Sept. 17 at 7 a.m.

The closure is a precaution to ensure the safety of those working on the project and anyone else in the area. It will remain in effect until the Ashley National Forest reopens the area.

During the closure, the Division of Wildlife Resources will use a helicopter to treat waters in the area, removing unwanted fish. The project is expected to last one to two days.

Areas to be closed include the headwater streams and Tamarak, Jessen, Lost, Hidden and Spirit lakes. Access above Corduroy Park, and the stream from Spirit Lake to the South Fork of Sheep Creek confluence and Corduroy Park, will also be closed.

The area below Corduroy Park, however, will be open. In that area, work will be limited to the stream and some feeder springs and pools. The area below Spirit Lake will also be open, but parking will be limited. “Because we need access to the stream, we ask that the public avoid the water and the wetlands,” said Boyde Blackwell, regional supervisor for the DWR.

After the treatment, the area will be reopened to the public. However, biologists ask that no one approach or use the lakes, streams, springs and pools (within 50 feet) until the Forest Service announces it’s safe to do so. Drinking, wading, swimming or washing hands in the affected water will not be allowed.

For more information, contact the DWR Northeastern Region office at 435-781-9543 or the Ashley National Forest at 435-789-1181.