Defending the Faith: Reading the books of scripture and science together

Published: Thursday, Sept. 12 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

“The study of science is the study of something eternal,” taught the mathematician-apostle Orson Pratt. “If we study astronomy, we study the works of God. If we study chemistry, geology, optics, or any other branch of science, every new truth we come to the understanding of is eternal; it is a part of the great system of universal truth. It is truth that exists throughout universal nature; and God is the dispenser of all truth.”

“How gladly would we understand every principle pertaining to science and art,” Brigham Young exclaimed, “and become thoroughly acquainted with every intricate operation of nature, and with all the chemical changes that are constantly going on around us! How delightful this would be, and what a boundless field of truth and power is open for us to explore!”

Daniel C. Peterson, a BYU professor of Islamic studies and Arabic, founded the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative and and chairs The Interpreter Foundation. His views aren't necessarily those of BYU.

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