Duce's Wild: When Mormons aren't the happiest family on the block

Published: Friday, Aug. 30 2013 11:43 a.m. MDT

The truth is, even without the fullness of the gospel, many of these wonderful people are living Christlike lives. Given the opportunity and invitation, they may well make and keep all the covenants necessary for exaltation because they love the Savior. Sometimes, I even feel weaker in their presence since I need the guidelines of the gospel to keep me moving forward.

So the quandary continues.

For me, the happiness the gospel brings is not synonymous with ease and pleasure. However, some of my most peaceful, easy moments or feelings of deep joy have been felt under the roof of our chapel or in a holy temple.

While I have been guilty of equating progress with busyness, eternal progress really is boiled down to keeping simple covenants and commandments.

Ultimately, I do know this — the gospel as presented by Jesus Christ himself always required the believer to step out of his comfort zone. From the rich man or busy fisherman to the grieving mother or the woman living in sin — all needed to leave the life or attitude they had created to follow him.

And so, the invitation must be given to all — no matter how happy they already seem at the moment.

Stacie Lloyd Duce is a columnist and magazine editor featured regularly in several Montana and Utah publications. Her columns appear Thursdays on desnews.com. Email: duceswild7@gmail.com

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