Education Week draws visitors who keep coming back

Published: Friday, Aug. 23 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

"It became a couple's retreat for us," Taylor said. "We always like to finish off our day with a dance class."

But it was more than the time they spent together. For Taylor, it was a spiritual feast and a compass for future opportunities.

It was during an Education Week class six years ago that Taylor said she felt prompted to share her own story and lessons learned. When she decided to tackle the difficult and personally connected topic of infertility, Taylor said the ideas started to flow freely.

"My mind opened up and was flooded with ideas to share and to help other people," Taylor said. "I didn't go to class the next hour. Instead I wrote down what would become the framework for my entire series."

Right after creating her framework, in an act of what Taylor calls divine intervention, she stood in line for lunch behind Ronald Bartholomew, a faculty presenter.

She told him her idea, and Bartholomew, also an LDS bishop, recognized the need for more understanding and support for women struggling with infertility.

Taylor resubmitted her proposal several times, and for the past three years has been teaching two series — one on infertility and the other on applying the gospel of Jesus Christ through the mortal experience.

And for Taylor, it is a journey highlighted by gratitude.

"The first year I was here, it was so humbling for me. My desires were so huge to just give back," Taylor said. "To give to the process that had so enriched my life over the years. I wanted to contribute to that for other people. That desire was met beyond my wildest dreams and expectations."

Emmilie Buchanan-Whitlock is an intern for the Deseret News with Mormon Times. She recently graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Contact her by email: ebuchanan@deseretnews.com or on Twitter: emmiliewhitlock

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